YouTube Videos

Some of my latest videos in pursuit of manly-ness. Enjoy!

(Slowly) Rising Comedian - 5 minutes

A Brief montage of Sheraz Yousaf gigging in Los Angeles and San Diego.

The Pursuit of Manly-ness pt2

Sheraz thinks maths is the answer for manly-ness. Is it? Maybe. But probably not.

(Slowly) Rising Comedian - 5 mins Downstairs at the Kings Head

Sheraz Yousaf doing a 5 minute set in Crouch End, London UK

(Slowly) Rising Sheffield


(Slowly) Rising Kingston

Oooof. Sheraz has gone Commando.

(Slowly) Rising Comedian - Full Documentary

He broke his foot on a motorbike but still did a comedy gig at the stupid Comedy Store. He must be the greatest hero ever of all ever.

(Slowly) Rising Lechlade

A small village with annoying traffic.

(Slowly) Rising Tadley

The boring village I grew up in. I walked around it in 28 minutes. N.B included some driving too.

Instructional Video

Instructional video of the secret mysteries of manly-ness that no one knows.

The Pursuit of Manly-ness pt1

A VERY serious instructional video of the secret mysteries of manly-ness that no one knows about apart from all these people I luckily found.

The Theory of Manly-ness

Can Manly-ness be defined as a formula? Lets find out from Professor Sheraz Yousaf...

(Slowly) Rising Woking

Sheraz is in Woking with very classy music.

(Slowly) Rising Comedian - a few mins of crowd work in Chipping Norton 2015

The first few mins of a 45 min set in Chipping Norton dealing with THE BLOODY RABBLE.

(Slowly) Rising Portsmouth

I do so love a dated fair and a lovely freezing walk along the sea.

(Slowly) Rising Comedian - Compere Spot Jan 2014

Sheraz Yousaf doing a compere spot in Harptree, WIltshire.

(Slowly) Rising Comedian - 10 mins Comedy Palace L.A Feb 2014

Sheraz Yousaf doing a 10 min stand up set in L.A at the Comedy Palace in Feb 2014