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Living in Hounslow

A little bit about Hounslow. Because no-one ever talks about Hounslow.

Man vs Bear

A real man will fight a bear. As long as he has a spnive.

The Love...OF A MAN

The love of a man, felt by all men including Gamma-Ray based men.

Man & Motorbike

If it doesn't have two wheels and can't cause your death there's no point and you are not a man.


How does one feel like a man? By listening to man-music.

Watching The News VERY seriously

I am a serious man and I will watch the news WITH GREAT SERIOUSNESS.

Whisky & Man-Cigars

Lung cancer and kidney damage. The mark of a man.


Stop crying. Unless you're crying like a man. In which case you may not be a real man. Or you may be.

Beautiful Man-Skin

Ahh to have the skin of a beautiful man...

Meeting Women

Don't know how to meet women? Learn excellent strategies that will help you even less.

Fighting Other Blokes

Had a fight lately? Not like any of these guys you haven't.


Be the best bro you can be. Even if it means punching your bro in the face.

Were Vikings THAT hard?

Yeah, Vikings were pretty hard. But were they THAT hard?