Bookers Reviews

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GemmaPurdie, Margate May 2016

I booked Sheraz as a headliner for a small room in Margate, and he was great. There was a lot of back and forth and handled a difficult audience really well! His material was tight, accessible to the crowd, and went down really well. He was completely at home on stage and was fantastic! I would recommend to him to any booker who asked.

Nessie Ward curator of Stand UP On The Strand at The Lighthouse Deal Jan 2016

Sheraz had the audience in the palm of his hand. So quick with comebacks to banter. He had the audience weeping with laughter! Will never be able to listen to the music, introducing the BBC news, without visualising Sheraz’s moves….cavorting on the stage! Great MC and headliner. Having him back soon for a 3rd time.

Lighthouse Comedy, Deal Jan 2016

We’ve had the pleasure to have Sheraz on at our ‘Stand Up On The Strand’ comedy night twice now. First as a featured headliner and second as compere for the night. He was triumphant in both roles with an effortless charm and confidence. A truly natural performer that the audience immediately warmed to and interacted with when need be. The laughs kept on coming! Looking forward to having him back again soon!

Jay Cowle, Lightbox Comedy Woking, Nov 2015

Sheraz was a fantastic MC at our gig making the room warm, relaxed, and laughter filled all night. We’ve been so pleased with his work we’ve invited him back to perform his full hour show in November. Thanks Sheraz,

Nick Root - Crown Comedy December 2014

“I have booked Sheraz as an act a few times and every time, he had this charisma and presence that made him a stand out performer.” ” However, I booked Sheraz at my gig this time as an MC, he has recently been signed and does a lot of MC work, so it was a no-brainer. he did not disappoint, He was a great MC. Effortlessly working the room and always in control, he had a perfect balance between, material and banter and at no point during the night did he wane. It was a flawless performance and he is one the hardest comics I know and it showed that night, he has the confidence and versatility to play any room and if you don’t book him soon, you shall regret it!”

Dave Arnold Nights - Oct 2014

“A confident and extremely likeable performer with a wealth of unique and endearing humour. Worked the room well balancing his set with crowd interaction effortlessly. Will definitely be booking Sheraz for more gigs!”

Dave Thompson, Professional Comedian - Sept 2014

“I worked with Sheraz twice, once in Eaton and once in Portsmouth. The audiences were very different, but Sheraz has a persona and material that endears any crowd to him. He worked the room really well, and stormed it both times. He’s also a great guy to work with. Professional, friendly, and relaxed. This comedian is funny, and attracts success!”

Danny Kington, Kington Comedy - September 2014

“Sheraz did a fifteen spot for us back in January and he was brilliant. I knew I needed to get him back again quick, as it is obvious that he is a prodigious talent and it won’t be long before he moves way out of my league.” ” I gave him a thirty spot headlining last Friday and he did not disappoint. The audience loved him, laughed non-stop and went home thoroughly satisfied. Fresh, professional (he organised a car share to help out other acts), thoroughly likeable, intelligent and a complete pleasure to work with, you simply have to book him, now, before it’s too late.”

Bobby Freeman, Worcester Comedy - July 2014

“Sheraz performed at my club last week and was absolutely fantastic. The local crowd loved him and the feedback was brilliant. I’d definitely book him again. Very funny guy.”

Brian Storey, Hideaway Comedy - June 2014

“Sheraz did a great set for us at Streatham Comedy Club at Hideaway London. Very funny, comfortable on stage and a lovely guy off stage. Book him, he won’t let you down.”

Matt Price, Professional Comedian - June 2014

“Sheraz Did a great twenty minute set last night on a very good line up. I really like this guy on and off stage. He’s very funny, very professional and I would definitely book him.”

Steven Scott - Scott Comedy Nights - June 2014

“I had Sheraz Opening at my night in Swindon and he was a very good start to the evening.” “It was a small crowd but he worked them well getting some great laughs. Not only did he do a great set but he was punctual and very professional which goes a long way in making running a night less stressful. I’d recommend you book Sheraz for Paid 15’s and 20’s, you won’t be disappointed.”

Bill Batty Comedy - May 2014

“I had Sheraz on at a gig at Brunel University. Sheraz was brilliant and did a fluid 20 minutes .” “The material was fresh and gelled well from one set piece to another. The great thing about watching Sheraz is that he has a presence on stage and it’s a nice set. He’s a likeable comedian you warm to as you learn more about Sheraz during his set. The other thing I have noticed is Sheraz is not afraid to break away from his set when needed to interact with the audience. Sheraz is a great comedian with a versatile range of accent changes and visual cues. I would definitely book Sheraz again and I would highly recommend him.”

Dashwood Comedy, High Wycombe – March 2014

“Well, I finally got Sheraz onto the Dashwood Comedy set after months of trying (see previous page). He closed the night in wonderful style. Difficult to categorize as he manages to draw laughs in so many different ways, hitting you with punchlines from unexpected angles. A good balance of stories and punchlines, with some excellent audience interaction. Well worth booking.”

Kington Comedy, Brighton – Feb 2014

“Would just like to add my agreement to all the compliments about Sheraz. What a guy! very sharp, very witty, his material is incredibly finely crafted and hits the audience so closely between the eyes that you’d swear he’s been doing this for years and years. This guy is going places so grab him for a spot whilst you still can. He’s also thoroughly professional, intelligent, polite and courteous, making him a pleasure to work with. Absolute top drawer.”

Bath Comedy – Feb 2014

“Sheraz has performed at one of my venues once before in a new act heat and he went down well, so I had no problems in giving him an MC spot at a one off charity night. Sheraz was a true pro, taking control of the night, organising the other comedians and dealing with a proper diva. As for his performance he worked the crowd well with a good mix of light hearted mickey taking and local banter. Saying the crowd was warm for the acts is an understatement, they were boiling hot which gave all the act a great platform to perform on. I have asked Sheraz to come back and MC another gig for me and would recommend booking him to anyone.”

Nick Root, Chertsey Crown Comedy – October 2013

“I have booked sheraz a few times and he always gives 100%. He is dependable and can work at any night to any crowd. A nice relaxed delivery and some very clever and funny observations. He is reliable, friendly and consistent”

NCF Comedy, Nottingham – Dec 2013

“Sheraz performed for us for the first ever time 2 Saturday’s ago and was fantastic. Great stage presence and great material, both us and the audience loved him. We will definitely be booking him again and progressing him to paid work. If you get the opportunity to book him then do.”

Salma Hussain, Selfless Charity, London – June 2013

“I held a charity comedy night, where Sheraz MC’d, he was absolutely brilliant. The crowd loved him. He was brilliant to work with, very helpful and much organised. I have already booked him for two more gigs this year due to the huge success, which was all down to his hard work! Thanks Sheraz, I really appreciate your help even though you were in cast and crutches on the night, it was an amazing night and the audience can’t wait for the next two gigs!”

Mumford Live, Cambridge – April 2013

“After recently organising a charity gig at Cambridge’s Mumford Theatre (Tuesday 16th April, 2013), I just felt I had to give this guy his due – Sheraz Yousaf gave a stellar performance, and was well received by the audience as one of the top acts in a line-up that included the professional likes of Alfie Brown and Matt Green! Will definitely have Sheraz in mind for future gigs – an up and coming act to look out for!”


“Who would think this guy is fairly new to the world of stand up?! Grab him while you can. That’s exactly what I did. Booked him a gig at the Crowne Plaza in Heathrow and he was a huge success. As an agent, I found Sheraz reliable, helpful, patient and easy to work with. No nonense, completely professional,so I will definitely be booking him again. As an audience member, wow thank you for your fresh humour, it appealed to everyone. You’re going places Sheraz, don’t forget us humble ones when you’re at the Apollo – I want front row seats!!!”

Dean Pullen, Carlton Cafe – March 2013

“Sheraz performed at a gig I hosted at the Carlton Cafe and i must say he went down very well. I’ve already booked him for another event in July – book him while you can. And a very nice guy to boot.”

Halima Din, Sahara Kenya Project, Middlesbrough – January 2013

“Sahara Kenya Project had the pleasure of working with Sheraz on 19.01.13 during our charity event. We found Sheraz to be a true professional. He was punctual, patient and an absolute gent. Above all he was funny and the audience loved him. We look forward to working with him again.”