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  • 6 .15pm, Thurs 2nd May

    The Pursuit of Manly-ness

    Vauxhall Comedy Club, 6 S Lambeth Pl, Vauxhall, London SW8 1SP


What if you were taught how to be a man? But you weren’t yet a man. So you un-taught yourself, and then you learned again from someone else, and they were also wrong. So you decided to read a book about it. And then looked on the internet. And then went to something where there were other men. And they told you how to be a man.
What kind of man would you be?


About me

Sheraz Yousaf

Another Bloody Comedian

You’ve browsed to a website. But not just any website – a website for a stand-up comic. Because, as we all know, there is a huge worldwide shortage of both stand-up comics and websites. So I’ve stepped up to the plate by providing a comedian complete with complimentary technology.

And I’ve absolutely gone all out here. You’ll enjoy many modern website features such as moving the mouse pointer to something, then clicking, then looking, then moving again, then clicking again, then more looking. I hope this all makes sense. I used to work in I.T so I know how complicated computers can be. If it is at all confusing then please do email for a full user guide on my “move-click-look” (TM) system I’ve described.

Anyway, come and see me do a show downstairs or upstairs in a dingy pub, or look at one of my amazing street comedy videos showing my banter skills at their finest. Oh, and I'm also an actor so do have a look at my showreel and demand I be in a film. But not a film about the introspection of a stand-up comedian trying to "make it".
Because the world is sick of meta.

Up The Creek Comedy Club Feb 2018

Standing up and saying things to the approval of an audience.